Configure a Spring Boot Project

The Camunda Spring Boot Application created in previous step uses the default and best practice configuration, embedded in a starter. There are several ways to customize or override the configuration. The easiest is to provide a set of parameters in the application.yaml (or file. The full list of supported configuration parameters can be found here.

Customize Configuration

Let’s create an application.yaml file in the src/main/resources folder with the following content:

    id: demo
    password: demo
    firstName: Demo
    create: All tasks

This configuration will result in the following:

  1. Admin user “demo” with the provided password and first name will be created.
  2. Default filter with the name “All tasks” will be created for Tasklist.

Build and Run

Now you can rebuild and rerun the application again. Don’t forget to call mvn clean before calling mvn install again. Now when you open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser, it does not ask you for admin user creation, but asks for login and password. You can use “demo/demo”, which we configured before, to access the Camunda web applications.

After you logged in, you can go to Tasklist and see that a filter named “All tasks” was created, though it does not contain any tasks so far.

Catch up: Get the Sources of Step-2.

Download as .zip or checkout the corresponding tag with Git.

You can checkout the current state from the GitHub repository.

If you have not cloned the repository yet, please execute the following command:

git clone

To checkout the current state of the process application please execute the following command:

git checkout -f Step-2
Or download as archive from here.

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