You can override the default configuration of the Welcome application by using a central configuration file, located in app/welcome/scripts/config.js. Currently, the following configuration options are available:

Custom links

Can be used to add some uesful links for the user, such as other application or intranet.


window.camWelcomeConf = {
  links: [
      label: 'Camunda Forum',
      href: '',
      description: 'Forum for Camnuda BPM users and developers'
    // ...


The localization of the Welcome application is contained in the app/welcome/locales/ directory. This directory contains a separate localization file for every available language. The file name consists of the language code and the suffix .json (e.g., en.json).

The Welcome application uses a locale file corresponding to the language settings of the browser. You can set the availableLocales property in the configuration file to provide a list of available locales. Every locale which is contained in this list must have a locale file in the locales directory with the corresponding language code.

If the browser uses a language which is not available, the Welcome application uses the locale which is defined via the fallbackLocale property in the configuration file:

"locales": {
  "availableLocales": ["en", "de"],
  "fallbackLocale": "en"

To create a new localization for the Welcome application, copy the provided language file, translate it and save it as a new localization file with the corresponding language code. To make the new translation available, add it to the list of available locales in the configuration file.

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