Get Task Comments

Gets the comments for a task by id.


GET /task/{id}/comment


Path Parameters

Name Description
id The id of the task to retrieve the comments for.


A JSON object containing a list of task comments.

Name Value Description
id String The id of the task comment.
userId String The id of the user who created the comment.
taskId String The id of the task to which the comment belongs.
time Date The time when the comment was created.
message String The content of the comment.

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
404 application/json No task exists for the given task id. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /task/aTaskId/comment


    "id": "commentId",
    "userId": "userId",
    "taskId": "aTaskId",
    "time": "2013-01-02T21:37:03",
    "message": "message"
    "id": "anotherCommentId",
    "userId": "anotherUserId",
    "taskId": "aTaskId",
    "time": "2013-02-23T20:37:43",
    "message": "anotherMessage"
    "id": "yetAnotherCommentId",
    "userId": "yetAnotherUserId",
    "taskId": "aTaskId",
    "time": "2013-04-21T10:15:23",
    "message": "yetAnotherMessage"

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