Auditing of Cockpit Operations

Since Cockpit is a very powerful tool, it is often desired to inspect which user performed which operation for auditing purposes. Cockpit operations that change state are logged in the BPM platform’s user operation log that is part of the process engine history. The log allows to understand

  • which user performed an operation
  • which operation was performed
  • when the operation was performed
  • which entities (process instances, tasks, etc.) were involved
  • which changes were made

While this log can currently not be viewed in Cockpit’s UI, there are existing Java and REST API methods to perform this task.

Cockpit Operation Log Entries

The following table serves as an index that relates operations in the Cockpit user interface to operations in the user operation log. Whenever a listed operation is performed in Cockpit, entries for the corresponding user operations are created in the user operation log. The following list relates UI operations to the operation and entity types in the operation log. See the user operation log documentation for details on these types.

UI Operation Operation Type Entity Type
Activate a Process Definition ActivateProcessDefinition ProcessDefinition
Suspend a Process Definition SuspendProcessDefinition ProcessDefinition
Activate a Process Instance Activate ProcessInstance
Suspend a Process Instance Suspend ProcessInstance
Activate a Job Definition ActivateJobDefinition JobDefinition
Suspend a Job Definition SuspendJobDefinition JobDefinition
Cancel a Process Instance Delete ProcessInstance
Cancel Multiple Process Instances Delete ProcessInstance
Add Process Instance Variables SetVariable Variable
Edit Process Instance Variables ModifyVariable Variable
Retry a Failed Job SetJobRetries Job
Batch Retry of Failed Jobs SetJobRetries Job
Process Instance Modification ModifyProcessInstance ProcessInstance
Set Task Assignee Assign Task
Add Task Candidate Group AddGroupLink IdentityLink
Remove Task Candidate Group DeleteGroupLink IdentityLink

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