Get Metrics in Interval

Retrieves a list of metrics, aggregated for a given interval.


GET /metrics


Query Parameters

Name Description
name The name of the metric. Supported names: activity-instance-start, activity-instance-end, job-acquisition-attempt, job-acquired-success, job-acquired-failure, job-execution-rejected, job-successful, job-failed, job-locked-exclusive, executed-decision-elements
reporter The name of the reporter (host), on which the metrics was logged.
startDate The start date (inclusive).
endDate The end date (exclusive).
firstResult The index of the first result, used for paging.
maxResults The maximum result size of the list which should be returned. The maxResults can't be set larger than 200. Default: 200
interval The interval for which the metrics should be aggregated. Time unit is seconds. Default: The interval is set to 15 minutes (900 seconds).


A JSON array of aggregated metrics. Each aggregated metric has the following properties:

Name Value Description
timestamp Date The interval timestamp.
name String The name of the metric.
reporter String The reporter of the metric.
value Number The value of the metric aggregated by the interval.

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
400 application/json Returned if some of the query parameters are invalid.



GET /metrics?name=activity-instance-end&startDate='1970-01-01 01:45:00'&endDate='1970-01-01 02:00:00'



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