Update Web Application Plugins from 7.4 to 7.5

This page describes the changes in web application plugins.

Cockpit Dashboard

Since 7.5, the dashboard and sections of the Cockpit have been re-organized and new names have been given to the plugin points.

Old plugins will still be visible on the dashboard until you change their namespace (from cockpit.dashboard to cockpit.dashboard.section).

Read more about cockpit dashboard plugins.

Available modules

Since 7.5, the availability of modules in plugins has been changed. The following matrix shows availability of modules for plugins in the Camunda web applications:

Module Cockpit Tasklist Admin

You can use these modules by including them in the define call of your plugin:

define(['angular', 'jquery', 'moment'], function(angular, $, moment) {
  var ngModule = angular.module('cockpit.plugin.sample-plugin', []);
  // ...
  return ngModule;

Version changes

The following modules have been updated to a newer version:

Module Old Version New Version
angular 1.2.16 1.2.29
bootstrap 3.3.1 3.3.6
bpmn-js 0.9.2 0.14.1
dmn-js 0.3.1 0.5.0

Maven Dependency

The dependency to the Camunda webapp core with the maven coordinates org.camunda.bpm.webapp:camunda-webapp-core has been renamed. Please use the following snippet in your pom.xml:


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