Logo and Header Color

To change visual aspects of Cockpit, you can edit the user stylesheet file located in app/cockpit/styles/user-styles.css. This file contains CSS which is loaded into Cockpit and can override the standard styles.

.navbar-brand {
  /* hides the "Camunda Cockpit" text */
  text-indent: -999em;
  /* put your logo */
  background-image: url(./path/to/the/logo.png);
  /* sets the width to match the logo's width */
  width: 80px;

/* changes the header bottom border color  */
[cam-widget-header] {
  border-bottom-color: blue;

Custom Scripts

If you want to add your own scripts to the Cockpit application, you should add a customScripts property to the app/cockpit/scripts/config.js file with something like this:

var camCockpitConf = {
  // …
  customScripts: {
    // names of angular modules defined in your custom script files.
    // will be added to the 'cam.cockpit.custom' as dependencies
    ngDeps: ['my.custom.module'],

    // RequireJS modules to load.
    deps: ['custom-ng-module'],

    // RequreJS path definitions
    paths: {
      'custom-ng-module': '../custom-ng-module/script'

This includes a custom-ng-module/script.js file. The path is relative to the app/cockpit folder in the Camunda webapp .war file.

Note: The content of the customScripts property will be treated as a RequireJS configuration except for the nodeIdCompat and skipDataMain which are irrelevant and deps which will be used like:

require(config.deps, callback);

You can find a complete example about how to use customScripts to develop a Cockpit Plugin in the Camunda BPM examples repository.

Advanced Styles Customization

In addition to the basic user-styles.css file, you can edit the source style- and layout files using less to change the overall appearance of Cockpit.

If you want to customize the interface with less, you should probably start by having a look at the variables defined in the following files:

  • node_modules/camunda-commons-ui/node_modules/bootstrap/less/variables.less defines the original Bootstrap variables
  • node_modules/camunda-commons-ui/resources/less/cam-variables.less overrides some Bootstrap variables (above) and add some custom ones

Compiling with Grunt

From within the camunda-bpm-webapp directory:

grunt build:Cockpit

The command will build the frontend assets (of Cockpit), styles included.

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