User Resource Options

The /user resource supports two custom OPTIONS requests, one for the resource as such and one for individual user instances. The OPTIONS request allows checking for the set of available operations that the currently authenticated user can perform on the /user resource. If the user can perform an operation or not may depend on various things, including the user’s authorizations to interact with this resource and the internal configuration of the process engine.


OPTIONS /user for available interactions on resource

OPTIONS /user/{id} for available interactions on resource instance


A JSON object with a single property named links, providing a list of resource links. Each link has the following properties

Name Value Description
method String The HTTP method to use for the interaction.
href String The interaction URL.
rel String The relation of the interaction (i.e., a symbolic name representing the nature of the interaction). Examples: create, delete ...

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.



OPTIONS /user/aUserId


Status 200.


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