Update history time to live

Updates history time to live for case definition with given id. The field is used within History cleanup.


PUT /case-definition/{id}/history-time-to-live

PUT /case-definition/key/{key}/history-time-to-live (updates the latest version of the case definition which belongs to no tenant)

PUT /case-definition/key/{key}/tenant-id/{tenant-id}/history-time-to-live (updates the latest version of the case definition for tenant)


Path Parameters

Name Description
id The id of the case definition to change history time to live.

Request Body

A JSON object with the following properties:

Name Description
historyTimeToLive New value for historyTimeToLive field of case definition. Can be null.


This method returns no content.

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
204 Request successful.
400 application/json Returned if some of the request parameters are invalid.
404 application/json case definition with given id does not exist. See the Introduction for the error response format.



PUT /case-definition/aCaseDefinitionId/history-time-to-live

      "historyTimeToLive" : 5


Status 204. No content.

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