CDI and Java EE Integration

The camunda-engine-cdi module provides programming model integration with CDI (Context and Dependency Injection). CDI is the Java EE 6 standard for Dependency Injection. The camunda-engine-cdi integration leverages both the configuration of the Camunda engine and the extensibility of CDI. The most prominent features are:

  • A custom El-Resolver for resolving CDI beans (including EJBs) from the process,
  • Support for @BusinessProcessScoped beans (CDI beans, the lifecycle of which are bound to a process instance),
  • Declarative control over a process instance using annotations,
  • The Process Engine is hooked-up to the CDI event bus,
  • Works with both Java EE and Java SE,
  • Support for unit testing.

Maven Dependency

To use the camunda-engine-cdi module inside your application, you must include the following Maven dependency:

Please import the Camunda BOM to ensure correct versions for every Camunda project.


Replace ‘x’ with your Camunda BPM version.

There is a project template for Maven called camunda-archetype-ejb-war, which gives you a complete running project, including CDI integration.