Get Historic Batch Count

Requests the number of historic batches that fulfill the query criteria. Takes the same filtering parameters as the Get Historic Batches method.


GET /history/batch/count


Query Parameters

Name Description
batchId Filter by batch id.
type Filter by batch type. See the User Guide for more information about batch types.
completed Filter completed or not completed batches. If the value is true, only completed batches, i.e., end time is set, are counted. Otherwise, if the value is false, only running batches, i.e., end time is null, are counted.
tenantIdIn Filter by a comma-separated list of tenant ids. A batch matches if it has one of the given tenant ids.
withoutTenantId Only include batches which belong to no tenant. Value can effectively only be true, as false is the default behavior.


A JSON object that contains the count as the only property.

Name Value Description
count Number The number of matching historic batches.

Response codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
400 application/json Returned if some of the query parameters are invalid, for example if a sortOrder parameter is supplied, but no sortBy. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /history/batch/count?type=aBatchType


Status 200.

  "count": 1

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