Get Decision Diagram

Retrieves the diagram of a decision definition.


GET /decision-definition/{id}/diagram

GET /decision-definition/key/{key}/diagram (returns the diagram for the latest version of the decision definition which belongs to no tenant)

GET /decision-definition/key/{key}/tenant-id/{tenant-id}/diagram (returns the diagram of the latest version of the decision definition for tenant)


Path Parameters

Name Description
id The id of the decision definition.
key The key of the decision definition (the latest version thereof) to be retrieved.
tenant-id The id of the tenant the decision definition belongs to.


The image diagram of this decision.

Response codes

Code Media type Description
200 image/png, image/gif, ... (defaults to application/octet-stream if the file suffix is unknown Request successful.
204 The decision definition doesn't have an associated diagram.
404 application/json Decision definition with given id or key does not exist. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /decision-definition/invoice:1:9f86d61f-9ee5-11e3-be3b-606720b6f99c/diagram

GET /decision-definition/key/invoice/diagram

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