Quarkus Version Compatibility

Each version of the Camunda Engine Quarkus Extension is bound to a specific version of Camunda Platform and Quarkus. Only these default combinations are recommended (and supported) by Camunda.

Camunda Platform version Quarkus version
7.16.x, 7.17.x 2.1.x.Final
7.18.x 2.8.x.Final
7.19.x 2.16.x.Final
7.20.x 3.2.x.Final

In case a certain Quarkus version has a bug, you can override the existing Quarkus version by adding the following inside your pom.xml. Note that this new Camunda/Quarkus version combination should also be supported by Camunda.

      <version>${quarkus.framework.version}</version><!-- set correct version here -->

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