Update from 7.6 to 7.7

This document guides you through the update from Camunda BPM 7.6.x to 7.7.0. It covers these use cases:

  1. For administrators and developers: Database Updates
  2. For administrators and developers: Rolling Update

This guide covers mandatory migration steps as well as optional considerations for initial configuration of new functionality included in Camunda BPM 7.7.

Noteworthy new Features and Changes in 7.7:

  • New cryptographic hash function with salt

Database Updates

Every Camunda installation requires a database schema update.

Rolling Update

If you do not know what a rolling update in the context of Camunda means, please refer to the Rolling Update documentation.

In the context of a rolling update, a user created with an engine A of Camunda version >= 7.7 cannot be authenticated with an engine B of Camunda version <= 7.6. The reason is that the Camunda version 7.7 adds salt to password hashing, thus, the older engine B is not aware of salt and unable to create the same hashed password as engine A.

To circumvent that problem you can either update all engines to the version >= 7.7 or create all users exclusively in the engine with version <= 7.6.

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