Configuring Connectors

The connectors available to Connect may not always suit your needs. Sometimes, it is necessary to provide configuration.

To configure a connector detected by Spin, the SPI org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorConfigurator can be implemented. A configurator specifies which classes it can configure. Connect discovers a configurator by employing Java’s service loader mechanism and will then provide it with all connectors that match the specified class (or are a subclass thereof). The concrete configuration options depend on the actual connector. For example, the HTTP based connector can modify the Apache HTTP client that the connector uses.

In order to provide a custom configurator, you have to

  • Provide a custom implementation of org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorConfigurator
  • Add the configurator’s fully qualified classname to a file named META-INF/services/org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorConfigurator
  • Ensure that the artifact containing the configurator is reachable from Connect’s classloader

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