Quarkus Version Compatibility

Each version of the Camunda Engine Quarkus Extension is bound to a specific version of Camunda 7 and Quarkus. Only these default combinations are recommended (and supported) by Camunda.

Camunda 7 version Quarkus version
7.16.x, 7.17.x 2.1.x.Final
7.18.x 2.8.x.Final
7.19.x 2.16.x.Final
7.20.x 3.2.x.Final

In case a certain Quarkus version has a bug, you can override the existing Quarkus version by adding the following inside your pom.xml. Note that this new Camunda/Quarkus version combination should also be supported by Camunda.

      <version>${quarkus.framework.version}</version><!-- set correct version here -->

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