Camunda 7 provides a public API. This section covers the definition of the public API and backwards compatibility for version updates.

Definition of Public API

The Camunda 7 public API is limited to the following items:

Java API:

All non-implementation Java packages (package name does not contain impl) of the following modules.

  • camunda-engine
  • camunda-engine-spring
  • camunda-engine-cdi
  • camunda-engine-dmn
  • camunda-bpmn-model
  • camunda-cmmn-model
  • camunda-dmn-model
  • camunda-spin-core
  • camunda-connect-core
  • camunda-commons-typed-values


  • camunda-engine-rest: HTTP interface (set of HTTP requests accepted by the REST API as documented in REST API reference. Java classes are not part of the public API.

Backwards Compatibility for Public API

The Camunda versioning scheme follows the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH pattern put forward by Semantic Versioning. Camunda will maintain public API backwards compatibility for MINOR version updates. Example: Update from version 7.1.x to 7.2.x will not break the public API.

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