Camunda 7 is developed by Camunda as an open source project in collaboration with the community. This is the basis for the Camunda 7 product provided by Camunda as a commercial offering.

The commercial Camunda 7 product contains additional (non-open source) features and is provided to Camunda customers with service offerings such as enterprise support and bug fix releases.

Community Extensions

Camunda supports the community in its effort to build additional community extensions under the Camunda umbrella. Such community extensions are maintained by the community and are not part of the commercial Camunda product.

Camunda Support

Camunda does not support community extensions as part of its commercial services to enterprise subscription customers.

The Camunda Community Hub is a GitHub organization that serves as the home of Camunda open source, community-contributed extensions. You can migrate an extension you’ve built to the Hub, search for existing extensions, or get started with open source by helping community extension maintainers with open issue or pull request triage.

Building a Community Extension

Do you have a great idea around open source BPM you want to share with the world? Awesome! Camunda will support you in building your own community extension. Have a look at our process for creating a new community extension to find out how to propose a community project.

You can also visit the Camunda Community Hub community repository to learn more about migrating your community extension into the community hub, benefits to joining the Camunda Community Hub organization, contributing to an extension, and much more.

The Camunda Community Hub enables developers to have a centralized home for their Camunda community extensions, and aids new contributors to open source software in discovering new projects to work on.

You can also learn about contributing code to the core Camunda codebase.

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