Terminate Events

A terminate event ends the complete scope it is raised in and all contained inner scopes.

It is useful if you have a parallel token flow in a process and you want to consume all tokens available in the same scope immediately.

A terminate event on process instance level terminates the complete instance. On subprocess level the current scope and all contained processes instances will be terminated.

Terminate Event Definition

A terminate event is modeled as an end event with an additional definition element to mark the termination:

<process id="someProcess">
  <!-- ... -->
    <endEvent id="EndEvent_2" name="Tweet rejected">
      <terminateEventDefinition id="TerminateEventDefinition_1"/>
  <!-- ... -->

Camunda Extensions

Attributes camunda:asyncBefore, camunda:asyncAfter, camunda:exclusive, camunda:jobPriority
Extension Elements camunda:inputOutput

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