Process Engine Plugins

The process engine configuration can be extended through process engine plugins. A process engine plugin is an extension to the process engine configuration.

A plugin must provide an implementation of the ProcessEnginePlugin interface.

Configure Process Engine Plugins

Process engine plugins can be configured

The following is an example of how to configure a process engine plugin in a bpm-platform.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bpm-platform xmlns=""
  xsi:schemaLocation=" ">

    <job-acquisition name="default" />

  <process-engine name="default">

          <property name="boost">10</property>
          <property name="maxPerformance">true</property>
          <property name="actors">akka</property>


A process engine plugin class must be visible to the classloader which loads the process engine classes.

List of Built-In Process Engine Plugins

The following is a list of built-in process engine plugins:

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