Migration from Community Extension v. 3.3.0 to v. 3.4.0

Upgrade to Spring boot 2.2.1

The 3.4.0 version of the Camunda Spring Boot Starter minor release comes with an update to Spring Boot 2.2.1. To see what changes have been introduced from the Spring Boot side, please check the Spring Boot 2.2 Release notes.

Spin DataFormat Configuration

From this minor release, the Camunda Spring Boot Starter provides auto-configuration classes for configuring Spin DataFormats with Jackson Java 8 modules. To trigger the auto-configuration, simply add the necessary dependencies. For example, to provide support for Java 8 Date/time types in Spin, add the following dependencies in your Spring Boot Application’s pom.xml file:


Furthermore, additional DataFormatConfigurators can be added through the META-INT/spring.factories file, as an alternative to the standard Java SPI method.

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