Configure the Full Distribution for IBM WebSphere

This page explains how to configure the full distribution for an IBM WebSphere application server.


In order to set up LDAP for the IBM WebSphere distribution, you have to perform the following steps:

Add the LDAP Library

Make sure the camunda-identity-ldap-$PLATFORM_VERSION.jar is present in the shared library ‘Camunda’ folder.

Adjust the Process Engine Configuration

Edit the file bpm-platform.xml located inside the Camunda BPM enterprise archive at camunda-ibm-websphere-ear-$VERSION.ear/camunda-ibm-websphere-service.jar/META-INF/ and add the LDAP Identity Provider Plugin and the Administrator Authorization Plugin.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bpm-platform xmlns=""
  xsi:schemaLocation=" ">
  <process-engine name="default"> ...

          <property name="serverUrl">ldap://localhost:4334/</property>
          <property name="managerDn">uid=jonny,ou=office-berlin,o=camunda,c=org</property>
          <property name="managerPassword">s3cr3t</property>

          <property name="baseDn">o=camunda,c=org</property>

          <property name="userSearchBase"></property>
          <property name="userSearchFilter">(objectclass=person)</property>

          <property name="userIdAttribute">uid</property>
          <property name="userFirstnameAttribute">cn</property>
          <property name="userLastnameAttribute">sn</property>
          <property name="userEmailAttribute">mail</property>
          <property name="userPasswordAttribute">userpassword</property>

          <property name="groupSearchBase"></property>
          <property name="groupSearchFilter">(objectclass=groupOfNames)</property>
          <property name="groupIdAttribute">ou</property>
          <property name="groupNameAttribute">cn</property>

          <property name="groupMemberAttribute">member</property>

          <property name="administratorUserName">admin</property>

The administratorUserName property should contain the user id of the LDAP user you want to grant administrator authorizations to. You can then use this user to log into the webapplication and grant authorizations to additional users.

See our user guide for complete documentation on the LDAP Identity Provider Plugin and the Administrator Authorization Plugin.

HAL Resource Caching

If you use LDAP as Indentity Provider, you should consider activating caching of Users and Groups in the Camunda webapplication. In order to activate this, add the following configuration to the web.xml file of Camunda webapplication (camunda-webapp-was-$PLATFORM_VERSION.war/WEB-INF/web.xml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app version="2.5" xmlns=""

  <!-- ... -->


        "cacheImplementation": "",
        "caches": {
          "": {
            "capacity": 100,
            "secondsToLive": 900
          "": {
            "capacity": 100,
            "secondsToLive": 900

  <!-- ... -->


You can configure the Session Cookie per deployment via the Admin Web Console of WebSphere.

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Applications > $YOUR_DEPLOYMENT > Session management > Enable cookies
  2. By enabling the checkbox …
    • “Set session cookies to HTTPOnly to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks”, you can add the HttpOnly flag to the session cookie
    • “Restrict cookies to HTTPS sessions”, you can add the Secure flag to the session cookie

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