Camunda 7 Services

To inspect the current state of configured process engines and deployed process applications, the class org.camunda.bpm.BpmPlatform offers access to the ProcessEngineService and the ProcessApplicationService.


The ProcessEngineService can be accessed by calling BpmPlatform.getProcessEngineService(). It offers access to the default process engine, as well as any process engine by its name as specified in the process engine configuration. It returns ProcessEngine objects from which any services for a specific engine can be accessed.


The ProcessApplicationService is accessible via BpmPlatform.getProcessApplicationService(). It provides details on the process application deployments made on the application server it is running on. That means that it does not provide a global view across all nodes in a cluster.

Given a process application name, a ProcessApplicationInfo object can be retrieved that contains details on the deployments made by this process application. These correspond to the process archives declared in processes.xml.

Furthermore, application-specific properties can be retrieved such as the servlet context path in case of a servlet process application.

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