Get Started with the Camunda RPA Bridge

Camunda discontinues the maintenance of the Camunda RPA bridge.

Camunda 7.19 is the last release maintaining compatibility with the Camunda RPA bridge. Camunda 7.19 and Camunda RPA bridge will be maintained for another 18 months until Oct 2024.

The Camunda RPA Bridge is replaced by RPA Out-of-the-box Connectors in Camunda 8.

This page describes the steps to orchestrate and execute RPA bots from Camunda 7 using the Camunda 7 RPA Bridge.

Enterprise Feature

Please note that the RPA bridge is only available as enterprise edition.

Check the Camunda enterprise homepage for more information or get your free trial version.



Please make sure that you have the Java Runtime Environment 8+ installed.

You can verify this by using your terminal, shell, or command line:

java -version

If you need to install a Java Runtime Environment, you can find the download from Oracle here.

Camunda 7

You will need a running Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition with Camunda 7.14 or later. You can find all downloadable distros here.

Cawemo and Camunda Modeler

The easiest way to create a BPMN model that connects to an RPA bot is by using Cawemo to create a worker catalog that you can apply to your process model using the Camunda Modeler. Make sure to use Cawemo 1.4 (or later) and Camunda Modeler 4.2 (or later).

Installation Procedure

  1. Download the Camunda RPA Bridge distro from here.
  2. Extract the downloaded archive
  3. Configure the bridge with the shipped application.yml file (see the user guide for a full list of configuration options).
  4. Start the Bridge by executing the jar file: java -jar camunda-bpm-rpa-bridge.jar
  5. Create and deploy a model that includes an RPA service task (see the user guide for more information) on Camunda 7.

The bridge will now forward RPA tasks to the configured RPA vendor and publish the result back to Camunda. You can observe the process via Cockpit.

Not sure where to go next? For a complete step-by-step guide that shows you how you can orchestrate RPA bots with BPMN, see the RPA Orchestration Get Started guide.

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