This view shows the content of a project and the list of collaborators.

Collaboration / Access rights

Projects created from Cawemo

After creating a project, further Cawemo users can be invited to collaborate. There are four roles with different levels of access rights that can be assigned to each user:

  • Project Admin: The user can edit the project itself, all folders, and all diagrams within the project. The user can also invite users.
  • Editor: The user can edit all folders and diagrams within the project.
  • Commenter: The user cannot edit folders or diagrams nor invite users, but can leave comments on each diagram.
  • Viewer: The user cannot edit folders or diagrams nor leave comments, but only view diagrams.

The Project Admin is the only user entitled to invite and manage user roles.

Identify who has access to the project on the homepage:

When there are more than a few users, hover over the circle with a number on it next to the shown users to view the names of all users that have access.

Projects used by integrations

Projects used by integrations do not allow you to manage access rights. All members of your organization automatically gain read-only access to your catalog, engine, and modeler projects, meaning they can see your files, but not edit them.

On the homepage, identify who has access to the project. In this case, everyone in the organization has access:


Diagrams can be added to a project by dragging and dropping a BPMN or DMN XML file from the local file system onto the list of diagrams in the project.

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