Installation on Windows

Currently, running Cawemo on a Windows operating system still requires a few manual steps, since a dedicated startup script for Windows is not yet available.

Installation Steps

Please make sure you have followed the Prerequisites section from the installation guide before continuing. Also, this guide assumes that you’re installing Cawemo on your local Windows computer.

Create Secrets

Please provide values for the following environment variables in the configuration/.env.demo file (please refer to the Configuration page for a description of these settings):


Each value should be a unique sequence of 32 random characters.

Create Token Signing Key

For IAM_TOKEN_SIGNING_KEY, please generate a JSON Web Key (JWK) using the RS256 algorithm. We provide a tool for generating a 4096 bit JWK:

docker run --rm -t ^ ^
  yarn run generate-jwk

Run Cawemo With Docker Compose

In order to start Cawemo, please execute the following docker-compose command from the root of your Cawemo directory:

docker-compose ^
  -f docker-compose/docker-compose.yml ^
  -f docker-compose/docker-compose.demo.yml ^
  --env-file configuration/.env.demo ^
  up -d

Known Limitations

Please note that the Reverse Proxy Configuration is generally not supported on Windows, since it is using Unix sockets.

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