Update from 1.7 to 1.8


  1. Stop Cawemo.
  2. Make a database backup.
  3. Create a new directory on your server that will hold all the files for Cawemo 1.8.
  4. Download the Cawemo distribution according to the installation instructions for version 1.8 and unzip the contents of the downloaded archive into the previously created directory. Please note that version 1.8 introduces new files, especially:
    • configuration/.env.production
    • configuration/license-key.txt
    • docker-compose/docker-compose.yml
    • docker-compose/docker-compose.reverse-proxy.yml
    • start-cawemo.sh
  5. Copy the configuration values from your existing .env file into the following file:
    • configuration/.env.production
      (Please be careful not to override or remove the existing CAWEMO_VERSION and IAM_VERSION variables.)
  6. Copy your Cawemo license key into the following file:
    • configuration/license-key.txt
  7. Start Cawemo again by executing the startup script. Depending on whether you’re using the Reverse Proxy Configuration or not, run either:
    • ./start-cawemo.sh --production (reverse proxy disabled) or
    • ./start-cawemo.sh --production --reverse-proxy (reverse proxy enabled)

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