Camunda Modeler

For integrating the Camunda Modeler with Cawemo we offer a Modeler plugin that can be installed individually. This plugin syncs all BPMN files that were once exported from Cawemo back into a special project inside Cawemo for the configured user. This way, a copy of each file is stored in Cawemo whenever they are saved in the Modeler.


The latest version of this plugin is 1.0.0 and can be installed by downloading and extracting a .zip file.


You can download the current version of the plugin here:

Should you require a different version, you can look for it here:


Extract the downloaded into it’s own folder, into your Camunda Modeler plugins folder (example: ".../plugins/cloud-connect/" should then contain the contents of the .zip file you downloaded), depending on the operating system you are using you can find your plugins folder here:







Mac OS:

~/Library/Application Support/camunda-modeler/plugins


/Users/{USER_NAME}/Library/Application Support/camunda-modeler/plugins

If the plugin was installed successfully, you should see a Cloud-Connect menu entry in the plugins menu of the Camunda Modeler, next time you start it up.


The plugin can be configured in the Camunda Modeler itself, after successful plugin installation, the “Cloud Connect” menu point should show up under the “Plugins” section of the Application menu. Here you can select the “configuration” item and the configuration window should show up.

You can find the needed information for the configuration in the Settings page in Cawemo of the desired organization where you want to upload your diagrams to.


To sync a file from the Camunda Modeler to Cawemo you open a .bpmn file which you previously downloaded from Cawemo, make a modification to the diagram and save it. After saving your diagram will be uploaded back to Cawemo. It will be added to a special project for the Cawemo user that is configured in the plugin. This project will be listed in the Home view and the diagrams will show up in the Related Diagrams section of the Milestone view.


Cawemo Cloud Connect Plugin Camunda Modeler
1.2 1.0 3.7.x or newer
1.1 1.0 3.4.x or newer
1.0 - -


The technical name of this plugin is cloud connect. In its current version, the plugin only connects to Cawemo and not to Camunda Cloud. In a future version, this might be subject to change, but for now it can only be used to sync diagrams to Cawemo.

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