Queries for batches that fulfill given parameters. Parameters may be the properties of batches, such as the id or type. The size of the result set can be retrieved by using the Get Batch Count method.


GET /batch


Query Parameters

Name Description
batchId Filter by batch id.
type Filter by batch type.
tenantIdIn Filter by a comma-separated list of tenant ids. A batch matches if it has one of the given tenant ids.
withoutTenantId Only include batches which belong to no tenant. Value can effectively only be true, as false is the default behavior.
suspended A Boolean value which indicates whether only active or suspended batches should be included. When the value is set to true, only suspended batches will be returned and when the value is set to false, only active batches will be returned.
sortBy Sort the results lexicographically by a given criterion. Valid values are batchId and tenantId. Must be used in conjunction with the sortOrder parameter.
sortOrder Sort the results in a given order. Values may be asc for ascending order or desc for descending order. Must be used in conjunction with the sortBy parameter.
firstResult Pagination of results. Specifies the index of the first result to return.
maxResults Pagination of results. Specifies the maximum number of results to return. Will return less results if there are no more results left.


A JSON array of batch objects. Each batch object has the following properties:

Name Value Description
id String The id of the batch.
type String The type of the batch.
totalJobs Number The total jobs of a batch is the number of batch execution jobs required to complete the batch.
jobsCreated Number The number of batch execution jobs already created by the seed job.
batchJobsPerSeed Number The number of batch execution jobs created per seed job invocation. The batch seed job is invoked until it has created all batch execution jobs required by the batch (see totalJobs property).
invocationsPerBatchJob Number Every batch execution job invokes the command executed by the batch invocationsPerBatchJob times. E.g., for a process instance migration batch this specifies the number of process instances which are migrated per batch execution job.
seedJobDefinitionId String The job definition id for the seed jobs of this batch.
monitorJobDefinitionId String The job definition id for the monitor jobs of this batch.
batchJobDefinitionId String The job definition id for the batch execution jobs of this batch.
suspended Boolean Indicates wheter this batch is suspened or not.
tenantId String The tenant id of the batch.

Response codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
400 application/json Returned if some of the query parameters are invalid, for example if a sortOrder parameter is supplied, but no sortBy. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /batch?type=aBatchType&sortBy=batchId&sortOrder=asc


Status 200.

    "id": "aBatchId",
    "type": "aBatchType",
    "totalJobs": 10,
    "jobsCreated": 10,
    "batchJobsPerSeed": 100,
    "invocationsPerBatchJob": 1,
    "seedJobDefinitionId": "aSeedJobDefinitionId",
    "monitorJobDefinitionId": "aMonitorJobDefinitionId",
    "batchJobDefinitionId": "aBatchJobDefinitionId",
    "suspened": false,
    "tenantId": "aTenantId"

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