Upgrade notes (3.3 to 3.4)

Heads Up!

To upgrade Optimize to version 3.4.0 please perform the following steps: Migration & Upgrade Instructions.

Here you will find information about:

  • limitations,
  • known issues,
  • changes in the supported environments,
  • any unexpected behavior of Optimize (e.g due to a new feature)

Breaking Changes

Cannot use camunda as a source value for ingested events

When ingesting events using the Ingestion REST API, Optimize will now reject any events that use camunda (or are case variations of) as a value of the source field. Optimize will not change this for any previously ingested events. If you do have any previously ingested events with this value that are used in reports and notice any unexpected behaviour, please contact us for assistance in migrating these events to comply with this new restriction.