Supported Environments

Run Camunda Optimize in a Java-runnable environment. The following environments are supported:

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome latest [recommended]
  • Mozilla Firefox latest
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge latest

Camunda BPM Platform

  • Camunda Engine version 7.10.6+, 7.11+ and 7.12+ with REST API and history with level full enabled. For optimal performance, we always recommend running the latest version of the Camunda Engine.


  • Elasticsearch 6.4.0+, 6.5.0+, 6.6.0+, 6.7.0+, 6.8.0+
  • There is no guarantee that Optimize will be fully functional with any other minor version (> 6.8.0) of Elasticsearch.
  • Any versions smaller than 6.4.0 and bigger/equal to 7.0.0 will be rejected by Optimize.

Java Runtime

  • Oracle JDK/JRE 8,11,13
  • Open JDK/JRE 8,11,13, including builds of the following products:
    • Adopt OpenJDK