Update a user's credentials

Updates a user’s credentials (password).


PUT /user/{id}/credentials


Request Body

A JSON object with the following properties:

Name Type Description
password String The user's new password.
authenticatedUserPassword String The password of the authenticated user who changes the password of the user (i.e., the user with passed id as path parameter).


This method returns no content.

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
403 application/json Identity service is read-only (Cannot modify users / groups / memberships).
204 Request successful.
400 Empty If the authenticated user password does not match.
404 application/json If the corresponding user cannot be found
500 application/json The user could not be created due to an internal server error. See the Introduction for the error response format.



PUT /user/jonny1/credentials

Request Body:

{"password":"s3cr3t", "authenticatedUserPassword": "demo"}


Status 204. No content.

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