Get Task Count By Candidate Group

Retrieves the number of tasks for each candidate group.


GET /task/report/candidate-group-count


A JSON array of task counts grouped by candidate groups. Each object has the following properties:

Name Type Description
groupName String The name of the candidate group. If there are tasks without a group name, the value will be null
taskCount Number The number of tasks which have the group name as candidate group.

Response Codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
200 application/csv or text/csv Request successful. In case of an expected application/csv or text/csv response to retrieve the result as a csv file.
400 application/json Returned if some of the query parameters are invalid or mandatory parameters are not supplied. See the Introduction for the error response format.
403 application/json If the authenticated user is unauthorized to read the history. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /task/report/candidate-group-count with media type application/json


    "groupName": null,
    "taskCount": 1
    "groupName": "aGroupName",
    "taskCount": 2
    "groupName": "anotherGroupName",
    "taskCount": 3

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