Before downloading Camunda, make sure you have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), or better, a JDK (Java Development Kit) installed. Please check the supported Java versions.

Download JDK

Download the Runtime

Camunda is a flexible framework which can be used in different contexts. See Architecture Overview for more details. Based on how you want to use Camunda, you can choose a different distribution.

Community vs. Enterprise Edition

Camunda provides separate runtime downloads for community users and enterprise subscription customers:

It is also possible to run Camunda Platform with Spring Boot and Docker.

Full Distribution

Download the full distribution if you want to use a shared process engine or if you want to get to know Camunda quickly, without any additional setup or installation steps required.

The full distribution bundles

  • Process Engine configured as shared process engine,
  • Runtime Web Applications (Tasklist, Cockpit, Admin),
  • Rest Api,
  • Container / Application Server itself.


If you download the full distribution for an open-source application server/container, the container itself is included. For example, if you download the Tomcat distribution, Tomcat itself is included and the Camunda binaries (process engine and web apps) are pre-installed in the container. This is not true for the the Oracle WebLogic and IBM WebSphere downloads; these downloads do not include the application servers themselves.

Wildfly Application Server

Wildfly Application Server is provided as part of the archives as a convenience. For a copy of the source code, the full set of attribution notices, and other relevant information please see We will also provide you with a copy of the source code if you contact our Open-Source Compliance Team at any time within three years of you downloading an archive (for which we may charge a nominal sum). Wildfly Application Server is copyright © JBoss, Home of Professional Open Source, 2010, Red Hat Middleware LLC [..and contributors].

See the Installation Guide for additional details.

Standalone Web Application Distribution

Download the standalone web application distribution if you want to use Cockpit, Tasklist, Admin applications as a self-contained WAR file with an embedded process engine.

The standalone web application distribution bundles

  • Process engine configured as embedded process engine,
  • Runtime Web Applications (Tasklist, Cockpit, Admin),
  • Rest Api,

The standalone web application can be deployed to any of the supported application servers.

The process engine configuration is based on the Spring Framework. If you want to change the database configuration, edit the WEB_INF/applicationContext.xml file inside the WAR file.

See the Installation Guide for additional details.

Download Camunda Modeler

Camunda Modeler is a modeling Tool for BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.3. Camunda Modeler can be downloaded from the community download page.

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