Uses of Interface

Packages that use Command
Public API of the Camunda Platform engine.

Typical usage of the API starts by the creation of a ProcessEngineConfiguration (typically based on a configuration file), from which a ProcessEngine can be obtained.

Through the services obtained from such a ProcessEngine, BPM and workflow operation can be executed:

RepositoryService: Manages Deployments
RuntimeService: For starting and searching ProcessInstances
TaskService: Exposes operations to manage human (standalone) Tasks, such as claiming, completing and assigning tasks
IdentityService: Used for managing Users, Groups and the relations between them
ManagementService: Exposes engine admin and maintenance operations, which have no relation to the runtime execution of business processes
HistoryService: Exposes information about ongoing and past process instances.
FormService: Access to form data and rendered forms for starting new process instances and completing tasks.
API implementation classes, which shouldn't directly be used by end-users.