Class HandleExternalTaskFailureCmd

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HandleExternalTaskFailureCmd extends HandleExternalTaskCmd
Thorben Lindhauer, Christopher Zell, Askar Akhmerov
  • Field Details

    • errorMessage

      protected String errorMessage
    • errorDetails

      protected String errorDetails
    • retryDuration

      protected long retryDuration
    • retries

      protected int retries
    • variables

      protected Map<String,Object> variables
    • localVariables

      protected Map<String,Object> localVariables
  • Constructor Details

    • HandleExternalTaskFailureCmd

      public HandleExternalTaskFailureCmd(String externalTaskId, String workerId, String errorMessage, String errorDetails, int retries, long retryDuration, Map<String,Object> variables, Map<String,Object> localVariables)
      Overloaded constructor to support short and full error messages
      externalTaskId -
      workerId -
      errorMessage -
      errorDetails -
      retries -
      retryDuration -
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public void execute(ExternalTaskEntity externalTask)
      Description copied from class: ExternalTaskCmd
      Executes the specific external task commands, which belongs to the current sub class.
      Specified by:
      execute in class ExternalTaskCmd
      externalTask - the external task which is used for the command execution
    • validateInput

      protected void validateInput()
      Description copied from class: HandleExternalTaskCmd
      Validates the current input of the command.
      validateInput in class HandleExternalTaskCmd
    • getErrorMessageOnWrongWorkerAccess

      public String getErrorMessageOnWrongWorkerAccess()
      Description copied from class: HandleExternalTaskCmd
      Returns the error message. Which is used to create an specific message for the BadUserRequestException if an worker has no rights to execute commands of the external task.
      Specified by:
      getErrorMessageOnWrongWorkerAccess in class HandleExternalTaskCmd
      the specific error message