Class SetProcessDefinitionVersionCmd

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Command<Void>

public class SetProcessDefinitionVersionCmd extends Object implements Command<Void>, Serializable
Command that changes the process definition version of an existing process instance. Warning: This command will NOT perform any migration magic and simply set the process definition version in the database, assuming that the user knows, what he or she is doing. This is only useful for simple migrations. The new process definition MUST have the exact same activity id to make it still run. Furthermore, activities referenced by sub-executions and jobs that belong to the process instance MUST exist in the new process definition version. The command will fail, if there is already a ProcessInstance or HistoricProcessInstance using the new process definition version and the same business key as the ProcessInstance that is to be migrated. If the process instance is not currently waiting but actively running, then this would be a case for optimistic locking, meaning either the version update or the "real work" wins, i.e., this is a race condition.
Falko Menge, Ingo Richtsmeier
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