Class ExternalTaskCmd

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Direct Known Subclasses:
HandleExternalTaskCmd, SetExternalTaskPriorityCmd, SetExternalTaskRetriesCmd, UnlockExternalTaskCmd

public abstract class ExternalTaskCmd extends Object implements Command<Void>
Represents a base class for the external task commands. Contains functionality to get the external task by id and check the authorization for the execution of a command on the requested external task.
Christopher Zell <>
  • Field Details

    • externalTaskId

      protected String externalTaskId
      The corresponding external task id.
  • Constructor Details

    • ExternalTaskCmd

      public ExternalTaskCmd(String externalTaskId)
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public Void execute(CommandContext commandContext)
      Specified by:
      execute in interface Command<Void>
    • writeUserOperationLog

      protected void writeUserOperationLog(CommandContext commandContext, ExternalTaskEntity externalTask, String operationType, List<PropertyChange> propertyChanges)
    • getUserOperationLogOperationType

      protected String getUserOperationLogOperationType()
    • getUserOperationLogPropertyChanges

      protected List<PropertyChange> getUserOperationLogPropertyChanges(ExternalTaskEntity externalTask)
    • execute

      protected abstract void execute(ExternalTaskEntity externalTask)
      Executes the specific external task commands, which belongs to the current sub class.
      externalTask - the external task which is used for the command execution
    • validateInput

      protected abstract void validateInput()
      Validates the current input of the command.