Camunda BPM Installation Guide (Camunda Modeler)


camunda Modeler is a BPMN 2.0 modeling plugin for the Eclipse IDE. This document will guide you through the installation process step by step and gives you information about download pages, requirements and troubleshooting.


  • We recommend to use Eclipse Indigo. The edition (32bit/64bit) must match your Java edition.
  • Please note that you cannot install the Activiti Designer and the camunda Modeler in the same Eclipse. It will cause both designers to not work properly.
  • If you are using the fox-designer, please uninstall the fox-designer plugin before using the camunda Modeler. You can uninstall already installed plugins in the following menu: Help -> Install New Software... -> What is already installed?.


Get Prepackaged Modeler

You can download a prepackaged camunda Modeler (Windows only).


This distribution includes camunda Modeler installed inside eclipse Kepler (32bit, Windows).

Install as Plugin

Find camunda Modeler on the following update sites:

Indigo & Juno

Follow the Instructions below to install camunda Modeler as a plugin in your own Eclipse distribution.

Step by Step Installation

Step 1 - Add the update site

Add the update site URL (see above) as an Eclipse Repository.

Step 2 - Select item

The item camunda Modeler appears. Select it and click Next.

Step 3 - Installation details

Wait for the installation details. Click Next.

Step 4 - User Agreement

Before you can download the plugin you will be prompted to accept the User Agreement. Click Next.

Step 5 - Installation in progress

The installation progress window appears. Wait.

Step 6 - Security warning

You will get a security warning message during the installation. Click OK.

Step 7 - Restart

After the installation has finished you will be prompted to restart your Eclipse. Click Restart Now. After the restart the camunda modeler is ready to use.

NoClassDefFoundError: graphiti

If you experience NoClassDefFoundErrors like the one shown here, graphiti was not properly installed. Graphiti is a framework used by the camunda Modeler. This rarely happens, however it can occur if you had another plug-in installed using a different version of graphiti before the camunda Modeler (one common example would be the Activiti Designer).

If this happens you have two options:

  • Start with a fresh Eclipse.
  • Install graphiti manually as shown in the left screenshot (please note that the version might change, currently use the latest 0.8.x version or check which version is referenced in the camunda Modeler update site).

Unhandled loop exception

If the Modeler behaves strangely and you are getting exceptions like this, please try the following:

  • Clean up your Eclipse.
  • Start your Eclipse with command line option -clean once.
  • Depending on your models, you might want to give Eclipse more resources. You may do so by appending the following lines in the eclipse.ini file residing next to your Eclipse executable.

If these options already exist, remove them first.