Supported Environments

Run Camunda Optimize in a Java-runnable environment. The following environments are supported:

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome latest [recommended]
  • Mozilla Firefox latest
  • Microsoft Edge latest

Camunda BPM Platform

  • Camunda Engine version 7.11.13+, 7.12.6+ and 7.13.0+ with REST API and history with level full enabled. For optimal performance, we always recommend running the latest version of the Camunda Engine. To ensure correct logging of user operations using the REST API, they should always be performed with user authentication. Alternatively, restrictUserOperationLogToAuthenticatedUsers should be set to false in the connected engine, this setting allows user operations to be logged even if there is no user authentication context for the request.


  • Elasticsearch 7.0.0+, 7.1.0+, 7.2.0+, 7.3.0+, 7.4.0+, 7.5.0+, 7.6.0+
  • Any minor version above the ones listed in the previous point is likely to be supported as well, but this hasn’t been tested. For this reason, Camunda doesn’t give any warranty.
  • Any major version smaller or greater than ElasticSearch 7 will be rejected by Optimize. For example, Optimize won’t work with ElasticSearch 6.X or 8.X.
  • For the supported versions mentioned before, the Elasticsearch community as well as any professional version is supported. However, bear in mind that the professional edition comes with additional safety features that allow you to secure Elasticsearch. If you use the community edition, securing Elasticsearch needs to be done manually.

Java Runtime

  • Oracle JDK/JRE 8,11,13
  • Open JDK/JRE 8,11,13, including builds of the following products:
    • Adopt OpenJDK


DMN - Decision Model and Notation Standard