Camunda Optimize

Welcome to the Camunda Optimize documentation! Here you can find all information on how to setup and use Camunda Optimize.

What is Camunda Optimize? It is an extension to Camunda BPM for enterprise customers. It provides continuous monitoring and insights about your deployed business processes. This Big Data solution helps process owners to make informed decisions in order to optimize their processes.

To give you an overview of Optimize, the following illustration shows the Camunda stack and where Optimize fits in.

This documentation can be considered as a manual. It is divided up into two main parts:

  • The technical guide: it contains all the information to install, configure and setup Optimize. In addition, you may find useful information about how to operate Optimize. This chapter targeted to administrators and technical people that want to setup Optimize.
  • The user guide: find everything about the day to day usage of Optimize. This chapter is targeted to the actual users of Optimize. All features are explained here - how they work and their limitations. Whenever you don’t understand how certain features work, try to consult this guide.