It is possible to use the Tasklist only with the keyboard. You can use the TAB-key to navigate to the sections of the Tasklist. To interact with an element you have focused, press ENTER.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make working with the Tasklist easier, you can use keyboard shortcuts to jump to certain parts of the Tasklist or perform special operations. Per default, we support the following actions via keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
CTRL + ALT + C Claim the currently selected task
CTRL + SHIFT + F Set the keyboard focus to the first filter in the filter list
CTRL + ALT + L Set the keyboard focus to the first task in the list of tasks
CTRL + ALT + F Set the keyboard focus to the first input field in an embedded task form
CTRL + ALT + P Open the start process modal dialog

All these shortcuts can be modified or removed using the Tasklist configuration file. You can access a list of all available shortcuts via the Keyboard Shortcuts link at the top of the Tasklist page.

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