JNDI Bindings for BPM Platform Services

The BPM Platform Services (i.e., Process Engine Service and Process Application Service) are provided via JNDI Bindings with the following JNDI names:

  • Process Engine Service: java:global/camunda-bpm-platform/process-engine/ProcessEngineService!org.camunda.bpm.ProcessEngineService
  • Process Application Service: java:global/camunda-bpm-platform/process-engine/ProcessApplicationService!org.camunda.bpm.ProcessApplicationService

On JBoss AS 7 and Wildfly, you are able get any of these BPM Platform Services through a JNDI lookup. However, on Apache Tomcat 8 you have to do quite a bit more to be able to do a lookup to get one of these BPM Platform Services.

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