Class JobDeclaration<S,​T extends JobEntity>

    • Field Detail

      • jobDefinitionId

        protected java.lang.String jobDefinitionId
        the id of the associated persistent jobDefinitionId
      • jobHandlerType

        protected java.lang.String jobHandlerType
      • jobConfiguration

        protected java.lang.String jobConfiguration
      • exclusive

        protected boolean exclusive
    • Constructor Detail

      • JobDeclaration

        public JobDeclaration​(java.lang.String jobHandlerType)
    • Method Detail

      • createJobInstance

        public T createJobInstance​(S context)
        the created Job instances
      • reconfigure

        public T reconfigure​(S context,
                             T job)
        Re-initialize configuration part.
      • postInitialize

        protected void postInitialize​(S context,
                                      T job)
        general callback to override any configuration after the defaults have been applied
      • resolveExecution

        protected abstract ExecutionEntity resolveExecution​(S context)
        Returns the execution in which context the job is created. The execution is used to determine the job's priority based on a BPMN activity the execution is currently executing. May be null.
      • newJobInstance

        protected abstract T newJobInstance​(S context)
      • getJobDefinitionId

        public java.lang.String getJobDefinitionId()
      • resolveJobDefinitionId

        protected java.lang.String resolveJobDefinitionId​(S context)
      • setJobDefinitionId

        public void setJobDefinitionId​(java.lang.String jobDefinitionId)
      • getJobHandlerType

        public java.lang.String getJobHandlerType()
      • resolveJobHandler

        protected JobHandler resolveJobHandler()
      • resolveJobHandlerType

        protected java.lang.String resolveJobHandlerType​(S context)
      • resolveJobHandlerConfiguration

        protected abstract JobHandlerConfiguration resolveJobHandlerConfiguration​(S context)
      • resolveExclusive

        protected boolean resolveExclusive​(S context)
      • resolveRetries

        protected int resolveRetries​(S context)
      • resolveDueDate

        public java.util.Date resolveDueDate​(S context)
      • isExclusive

        public boolean isExclusive()
      • setExclusive

        public void setExclusive​(boolean exclusive)
      • getActivityId

        public java.lang.String getActivityId()
      • setActivity

        public void setActivity​(ActivityImpl activity)
      • getJobConfiguration

        public java.lang.String getJobConfiguration()
      • setJobConfiguration

        public void setJobConfiguration​(java.lang.String jobConfiguration)