Class ExceptionCodeInterceptor

    • Method Detail

      • execute

        public <T> T execute​(Command<T> command)
      • provideCodeBySupplier

        protected java.lang.Integer provideCodeBySupplier​(java.util.function.Supplier<java.lang.Integer> builtinSupplier,
                                                          java.util.function.Supplier<java.lang.Integer> customSupplier,
                                                          int initialCode)

        Built-in code provider has precedence over custom code provider and initial code (assigned via delegation code). Custom and initial code is tried to be reset in case it violates the reserved code range.

        When disableBuiltInExceptionCodeProvider flag in ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl is configured to true, custom provider can override reserved codes.

      • codeReserved

        protected boolean codeReserved​(java.lang.Integer code)