Interface HistoricVariableInstance

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    public interface HistoricVariableInstance
    A single process variable containing the last value when its process instance has finished. It is only available when HISTORY_LEVEL is set >= AUDIT
    Christian Lipphardt (camunda), ruecker
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        java.lang.String getId()
        the Id of this variable instance
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the name of this variable instance.
      • getTypeName

        java.lang.String getTypeName()
        Returns the name of the type of this variable instance
        the type name of the variable
      • getValue

        java.lang.Object getValue()
        Returns the value of this variable instance.
      • getVariableName

        java.lang.String getVariableName()
        Returns the name of this variable instance.

        Deprecated since 7.2: use getName() instead.

      • getVariableTypeName

        java.lang.String getVariableTypeName()

        Returns the name of the type of this variable instance

        Deprecated since 7.2: use getTypeName() instead.

      • getProcessDefinitionKey

        java.lang.String getProcessDefinitionKey()
        The process definition key reference.
      • getProcessDefinitionId

        java.lang.String getProcessDefinitionId()
        The process definition reference.
      • getRootProcessInstanceId

        java.lang.String getRootProcessInstanceId()
        The root process instance reference.
      • getProcessInstanceId

        java.lang.String getProcessInstanceId()
        The process instance reference.
      • getExecutionId

        java.lang.String getExecutionId()
        Return the corresponding execution id.
      • getActivtyInstanceId

        java.lang.String getActivtyInstanceId()
        Returns the corresponding activity instance id.
      • getActivityInstanceId

        java.lang.String getActivityInstanceId()
        Returns the corresponding activity instance id.
      • getCaseDefinitionKey

        java.lang.String getCaseDefinitionKey()
        The case definition key reference.
      • getCaseDefinitionId

        java.lang.String getCaseDefinitionId()
        The case definition reference.
      • getCaseInstanceId

        java.lang.String getCaseInstanceId()
        The case instance reference.
      • getCaseExecutionId

        java.lang.String getCaseExecutionId()
        Return the corresponding case execution id.
      • getTaskId

        java.lang.String getTaskId()
        Return the corresponding task id.
      • getErrorMessage

        java.lang.String getErrorMessage()
        If the variable value could not be loaded, this returns the error message.
        an error message indicating why the variable value could not be loaded.
      • getTenantId

        java.lang.String getTenantId()
        The id of the tenant this variable belongs to. Can be null if the variable belongs to no single tenant.
      • getState

        java.lang.String getState()
        The current state of the variable. Can be 'CREATED' or 'DELETED'
      • getCreateTime

        java.util.Date getCreateTime()
        The time when the variable was created.
      • getRemovalTime

        java.util.Date getRemovalTime()
        The time when the historic variable instance will be removed.