Interface VariableInstance

All Known Subinterfaces:
DelegateCaseVariableInstance, DelegateVariableInstance<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
DelegateCaseVariableInstanceImpl, VariableInstanceEntity

public interface VariableInstance
A VariableInstance represents a variable in the execution of a process instance.
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      the Id of this variable instance
    • getName

      String getName()
      Returns the name of this variable instance.
    • getTypeName

      String getTypeName()
      Returns the name of the type of this variable instance
      the type name of the variable
    • getValue

      Object getValue()
      Returns the value of this variable instance.
    • getTypedValue

      TypedValue getTypedValue()
      Returns the TypedValue of this variable instance.
    • getProcessInstanceId

      String getProcessInstanceId()
      Returns the corresponding process instance id.
    • getExecutionId

      String getExecutionId()
      Returns the corresponding execution id.
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      String getProcessDefinitionId()
      Return the corresponding process definition id.
    • getCaseInstanceId

      String getCaseInstanceId()
      Returns the corresponding case instance id.
    • getCaseExecutionId

      String getCaseExecutionId()
      Returns the corresponding case execution id.
    • getTaskId

      String getTaskId()
      Returns the corresponding task id.
    • getBatchId

      String getBatchId()
      Returns the corresponding batch id.
    • getActivityInstanceId

      String getActivityInstanceId()
      Returns the corresponding activity instance id.
    • getErrorMessage

      String getErrorMessage()
      If the variable value could not be loaded, this returns the error message.
      an error message indicating why the variable value could not be loaded.
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      The id of the tenant this variable belongs to. Can be null if the variable belongs to no single tenant.