Class CoreExecution

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, BaseDelegateExecution, VariableScope, VariableEventDispatcher
Direct Known Subclasses:
CmmnExecution, PvmExecutionImpl

public abstract class CoreExecution extends AbstractVariableScope implements BaseDelegateExecution
Defines the base API for the execution of an activity.
Daniel Meyer, Roman Smirnov, Sebastian Menski
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  • Field Details

    • id

      protected String id
    • businessKey

      protected String businessKey
      the business key for this execution
    • businessKeyWithoutCascade

      protected String businessKeyWithoutCascade
    • tenantId

      protected String tenantId
    • eventName

      protected String eventName
    • eventSource

      protected CoreModelElement eventSource
    • listenerIndex

      protected int listenerIndex
    • skipCustomListeners

      protected boolean skipCustomListeners
    • skipIoMapping

      protected boolean skipIoMapping
    • skipSubprocesses

      protected boolean skipSubprocesses
  • Constructor Details

    • CoreExecution

      public CoreExecution()
  • Method Details

    • performOperation

      public <T extends CoreExecution> void performOperation(CoreAtomicOperation<T> operation)
    • performOperationSync

      public <T extends CoreExecution> void performOperationSync(CoreAtomicOperation<T> operation)
    • getEventName

      public String getEventName()
      Description copied from interface: BaseDelegateExecution
      The event name in case this execution is passed in for an ExecutionListener
      Specified by:
      getEventName in interface BaseDelegateExecution
    • setEventName

      public void setEventName(String eventName)
    • getEventSource

      public CoreModelElement getEventSource()
    • setEventSource

      public void setEventSource(CoreModelElement eventSource)
    • getListenerIndex

      public int getListenerIndex()
    • setListenerIndex

      public void setListenerIndex(int listenerIndex)
    • invokeListener

      public void invokeListener(DelegateListener listener) throws Exception
    • hasFailedOnEndListeners

      public boolean hasFailedOnEndListeners()
    • getId

      public String getId()
      Description copied from interface: BaseDelegateExecution
      Unique id of this path of execution that can be used as a handle to provide external signals back into the engine after wait states.
      Specified by:
      getId in interface BaseDelegateExecution
    • setId

      public void setId(String id)
    • getBusinessKeyWithoutCascade

      public String getBusinessKeyWithoutCascade()
    • setBusinessKey

      public void setBusinessKey(String businessKey)
    • getTenantId

      public String getTenantId()
    • setTenantId

      public void setTenantId(String tenantId)
    • isSkipCustomListeners

      public boolean isSkipCustomListeners()
    • setSkipCustomListeners

      public void setSkipCustomListeners(boolean skipCustomListeners)
    • isSkipIoMappings

      public boolean isSkipIoMappings()
    • setSkipIoMappings

      public void setSkipIoMappings(boolean skipIoMappings)
    • isSkipSubprocesses

      public boolean isSkipSubprocesses()
    • setSkipSubprocesseses

      public void setSkipSubprocesseses(boolean skipSubprocesses)