Class QueryOrderingProperty

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public class QueryOrderingProperty extends Object implements Serializable

A QueryOrderingProperty specifies a condition by which the results of a query should be sorted. It can either specify a sorting by a property of the entities to be selected or a sorting by a property of a related entity. For example in a TaskQuery, the entity to be selected is Task while a related entity could be a VariableInstance.

It is made up of the following:

A symbolic name that identifies a related entity. null if an ordering over a property of the entity to be selected is expressed.
The property to be sorted on. An instance of QueryProperty.
The ordering direction, refer to Direction
A list of constraints that describe the nature of the relation to another entity (or in SQL terms, the joining conditions). Is null if relation is null. Contains instances of QueryEntityRelationCondition.

Thorben Lindhauer
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  • Constructor Details

    • QueryOrderingProperty

      public QueryOrderingProperty()
    • QueryOrderingProperty

      public QueryOrderingProperty(QueryProperty queryProperty, Direction direction)
    • QueryOrderingProperty

      public QueryOrderingProperty(String relation, QueryProperty queryProperty)
  • Method Details

    • getQueryProperty

      public QueryProperty getQueryProperty()
    • setQueryProperty

      public void setQueryProperty(QueryProperty queryProperty)
    • setDirection

      public void setDirection(Direction direction)
    • getDirection

      public Direction getDirection()
    • getRelationConditions

      public List<QueryEntityRelationCondition> getRelationConditions()
    • setRelationConditions

      public void setRelationConditions(List<QueryEntityRelationCondition> relationConditions)
    • hasRelationConditions

      public boolean hasRelationConditions()
    • getRelation

      public String getRelation()
    • setRelation

      public void setRelation(String relation)
    • isContainedProperty

      public boolean isContainedProperty()
      whether this ordering property is contained in the default fields of the base entity (e.g. task.NAME_ is a contained property; LOWER(task.NAME_) or variable.TEXT_ (given a task query) is not contained)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getRelationConditionsString

      public String getRelationConditionsString()