Interface ProcessEngineService

All Known Implementing Classes:
EjbProcessEngineService, MscRuntimeContainerDelegate, RuntimeContainerDelegateImpl

public interface ProcessEngineService

The ProcessEngineService provides access to the list of Managed Process Engines.

Users of this class may look up an instance of the service through a lookup strategy appropriate for the platform they are using (Examples: Jndi, OSGi Service Registry ...)

Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getDefaultProcessEngine

      ProcessEngine getDefaultProcessEngine()
      the default process engine.
    • getProcessEngines

      List<ProcessEngine> getProcessEngines()
      all ProcessEngines managed by the Camunda Platform.
    • getProcessEngineNames

      Set<String> getProcessEngineNames()
      the names of all ProcessEngines managed by the Camunda Platform.
    • getProcessEngine

      ProcessEngine getProcessEngine(String name)
      the ProcessEngine for the given name or null if no such process engine exists.